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Smoky Mountain Press offers instructional books and seminars for 4D  & 5D Embroidery software.  The educational series currently includes Software Solutions:  4D Embroidery Extra, Software Solutions:  Introduction to 4D Suite, Software Solutions:  4D Family Portrait and Software Solutions: 4D Monogram.   5D workbooks are coming soon!  Simple step-by-step instructions guide through fun projects to learn the 4D software, beginning with basic software features and moving to more advanced features as the exercises progress.  The Simple Software Solutions books are ideal for use as classroom curriculum or as a home study guide/tutorial.

4D Monogram VSM #143143000629
Learn how to creating monograms and text with the 4D Monogram & Vision program or the 4D ExpressMonogram Wizard add-on module.  This workbook includes a video DVD with general embroidery information and screen-video of selected workbook exercises.

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4D Family Portrait VSM #360000089
Learn to create a Portrait Stitch design with the Express Portrait Stitch Wizard.  Create Embroidery Albums and Charts.  Design a custom Chart theme with the Theme Wizard.  Learn how to work with families and import/export GEDCOM files.

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4D Embroidery Extra:  VSM #360000084
Learn the features of these 4D software modules:  4D Configure, 4D File Assistant, 4D Embroidery or 4D Embroidery Extra and 4D Vision.  Topics covered include:  How to send designs to a Pfaff embroidery machine with 4D File Assistant and 4D Organizer.  Learn how to use 4D Embroidery or 4D Extra to create monograms, text, and shapes.  Learn about resize, cut, copy, paste, Endless and Encore functions, and the Express Design Wizard.  Preview an embroidered design on a completed project with 4D Vision. 

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Introduction to 4D Suite: VSM #3600086
Introduces the following modules—4D Design Creator, 4D Cross Stitcher, 4D Stitch Editor, 4D Sketch, 4D Picture Stitch, 4D Fabric Decorator, 4D Stitch Artist, 4D Design Aligner and 4D Font Digitizing.  This book is designed to follow the 4D Embroidery Extra workbook.  Each chapter covers essential techniques for one module and guides through one or more exercises designed to teach the technique.

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